Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Okay Senator Hagan (D) and Senator Burr (R) will probably never be best friends forever but it appears they do get along well despite their different party affiliations.

Today, I interviewed both of them in our studios for this week's Political Connections and a story that is airing tonight.

They were scheduled a half hour apart but one was late and the other was early so they basically were here at the same time.

Anyway, when Sen. Hagan was sworn in Sen. Burr made sure to make her feel welcome. It appears they get along well, so I simply asked if they really do or if it's an act for the cameras. Here's the cliff notes to what they said in separate interviews.

-She looks forward to working with him
-They have good chats on numerous occasions
-They are often on the same flight from Washington DC to Greensboro and they get a chance to chat.
-On the day she was sworn in Sen. Burr had a flag flow on her behalf in DC. It was evident that she was genuinely appreciative.

-They may look at pieces of legislation differently but he believes they look at the impact on on North Carolina the same.
-On initiatives with a big impact on North Carolina, he says they will come together in a very quick fashion.
-He called her a skilled legislator with experience and commitment to North Carolina and that's an advantage for him as well in trying to get beneficial legislation passed for the state.

Will all this harmony play out on the Senate floor? That remains to be seen. As my interview finished with Sen. Hagan the two of them passed each other and even hugged! They genuinely seem to respect each other. It will be interesting to see if that can translate into a productive working relationship with their political difference.

By the way both interviews will air in their entirety this week on Political Connections (Friday 6pm, Sunday 11am) only on News 14 Carolina.

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