Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidents and North Carolina

In honor of President's Day here is a little information about North Carolina's connection to the White House.

17th President
Became President after Abraham Lincoln was assasinated.
Although born in Raleigh, NC, Andrew Johnson called Greeneville, TN home for his entire adult life. He is buried in Greeneville as well.
Historians often rank him as one of the worst U.S. presidents and the first president ever impeached.

This pic is a replica of his birthplace and childhood home in Raleigh. The pic comes from his presidential library in TN.

7th U.S. President
Born in Waxhaws which is the border of North and South Carolina
His parents lived in North Carolina, but historians debate whether or not he was born in North or South Carolina.
From the state library--
"After the war Jackson taught school briefly, but he didn't like it and decided to practice law instead. In 1784, when he was seventeen, he went to Salisbury, North Carolina where he studied law for several years. He was admitted to the North Carolina Bar in September 1787 and the following spring began his public career with an appointment as prosecuting officer for the Superior Court in Nashville, Tennessee, which at that time was a part of the Western District of North Carolina."

Jackson was also lured to Tennessee and started his political career. He also retired there like Johnson.

For more on his career and NC connection look here.

11th president
Born in Pineville in Mecklenburg County
Graduated from UNC in 1818 (then only 80 students!)
But as with the others he started his career and lived most of his life in Tennessee.
He was also a strong supporter of Andrew Jackson.

Still looking into more stuff, so I'll post it if I find it!

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