Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busy afternoon...

Frm. Insurance Commissioner Jim Long's wife reports he suffered a stroke today. Below is the release and my previous entry on the subject.

RALEIGH, N.C. - Former N.C. Commissioner of Insurance Jim Long collapsed at the state legislature this afternoon following a hearing. He was transported by EMS to Rex Hospital where doctors determined Long had suffered a stroke. Doctors are continuing to evaluate his condition.

Commissioner Long's wife, Peg O'Connell, asks that media respect her family's privacy. "Commissioner Long is no longer a public figure and we would appreciate media respecting our privacy at this time," says O'Connell. "We will provide an update when there is a change in his condition."

She also expresses sincere gratitude to the people of this state. "We very much appreciate the calls and prayers of our friends and the citizens of North Carolina."

Hey everyone!

Unexecpted news to report from the General Assembly. Jim Long, longtime Insurance Commissioner, collapsed before a meeting.

First the medical news. He's at Rex Hospital. Current Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin says he knew something was wrong when Long didn't show up to his last official business which was the last Beach Plan Committee meeting. Goodwin says he collapsed while talking to a lawmaker down the hall from the committee room. He did say that he was awake and talking before he was taken to the hospital. His wife is now trying to fly back from Atlanta. Other family members are with him.

Long, who is 68 years old, spent 24 years as Insurance Commissioner. That position helps set insurance rates for homes and automobiles. He was also the state fire marshall. Long had just retired.

We'll keep you posted.

In other news, if you watched the inauguration you weren't alone. The Raleigh-Durham televsion market was the highest rated in the country! Perhaps the fact everyone was snowed in played a role!!

More to come when I get more news on Mr. Long...

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