Friday, April 17, 2009

Political Connections this weekend

Check out Political Connections this weekend on News 14 Carolina. 6pm tonight and 11am Sunday morning.

This week we welcome Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton into the studio. He talks about what he thinks his role is as Lt. Gov. and if he thinks the position should have more power.

We also talk about his "pet" projects for the rest of his term. I also ask him about the Senate budget and his thoughts on the "closed door" process many are accusing Senate leaders of holding. Dalton used to be one of the chief budget writers.

Later in the show we talk with Barry Fadem who heads up the nationwide group, National Popular Vote. Lawmakers recently filed a bill here in North Carolina related to the issue. Should popular vote replace electoral college?

Check it out this weekend and thanks as always for watching!!


  1. the tax system should be unbiased and taxed at the same rate as everthing else.

  2. Hello To the Citizen's of America.

    My name is William Bowman, and I want the world to know that we have a racist in the White House. His name is Obama. I wrote the President a Letter over a Month ago asking a simple Question. I guess the President is only interested in makeing White cops Appologize for doing there Job. It is my belief that the presidents Vaules and morals need to be looked at. Because it seems that the President has his own agenda. Because he is commenting and telling the people that put him in office what do and how to do it.
    I will work very hard to see that he does not get elected next term if I don't get a response.
    thank you
    God Bless

  3. What is wrong with this blog or it's upkeepers? If you look across the nation at local news channels such as Bay News 9 out of Tampa Bay Fl. You will find that every local news story has a comment section and the local news is updated daily for the bloggers to comment. Their sites are blogger friendly and didactic! What the heck is THIS?? Recent stories are dated as far back as April? It is no wonder you do not have active participation. Please see Bay News 9 for an example of real-time blogging!!

  4. Also, I highly doubt that anyone will see!! Boy I wish I could blog here on recent stories! Did Tim Boyum pass away?

  5. Tim and others - check out this YouTube link showing our representative Bob Ethridge bullying a student in Washington DC

  6. I watched the captioned video of your program, the segment that dealt with North
    Carolinas pull back from the Death Penalty. Clearly, with your poll running 81%
    of the respondents voting in favor of resuming executions, I am not alone in my
    frustration of listening to the “claptrap” presented by the representative of
    the “Anti Death Penalty Coalition”.

    Several thoughts emerged as I watched this gentleman play the race card,
    perpetuate the myth of heightened expense of capital punishment, and perpetuate
    the myth of “cruel and unusual punishment”.

    Why may I ask, was the other side of this issue not presented and defended? Are
    you, like our politically correct and hence useless politicians, more interested
    in presenting your own agenda, or, are you interested in representing the
    opinions of the residents of this State?

    The case for racial inequity and inequitable application of the law is bogus.
    The jury system, the judge, the appeals courts, are all there to insure proper
    application of the law and ensuing penalty. The defense has every chance to
    object to a juror that might demonstrate prejudice, the appeals courts likewise
    more than amply demonstrate they are willing to go to any length, to assure that
    the case is tried fairly and without prejudice.

    If the “expense of executions has grown disproportionately”, do you need to be
    reminded of the heinous nature of the crimes committed against innocents or law
    enforcement officers, to warrant the application of the death penalty? Were
    their deaths “cruel and unusual punishment”? Were they given a chance of appeal
    or leniency? If the expense has grown intolerable, perhaps it’s time to
    streamline and curtail the senseless and most times the ridiculousness of the
    appeals process. Therein, lies the distortion of the expense to the State! We
    have to continue funding the incarceration, the living expenses and in fact, we
    have to share the air we breathe with one of these low lifes, while appeal after
    appeal is scheduled and heard. The irony is the appeals go on, whether the
    execution is performed or the life sentence is invoked.

    As for “cruel and unusual punishment”, if the poor downtrodden, suffering
    criminal can rape and kill an innocent, or shoot a law enforcement officer to
    death, is it too much to ask to administer a sedative, a “knock out dose” of
    anesthesia, before the fatal dose is delivered. If only the cruel bast*** had
    thought to do the same for the victim of the crime!

    Let’s stop being party to this kind of asinine justice, and get business
    handled. If it’s not cruel and unusual punishment for a helpless animal, it
    ought to serve more than adequately to remove the unconscionable killer, at a
    significantly reduced cost, than to incarcerate the killer for the rest of his