Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sex ed changes coming?

With the economy hurting, it's not getting a huge amount of attention but changes to sex ed in schools could be on the way.

The legislation, known as the Healthy Choice Act, making its way through the North Carolina General Assembly centers around choice. It allows parents to pick the existing program that focuses on abstinence only, one that includes contraception, or no sex education at all. North Carolina currently stresses abstinence.

Critics of the plan say the changes would devalue marriage. Supporters say too many kids are already having sex and need accurate information to protect themselves.

23 states require abstinence be stressed in the sex ed program. 14 states require programs to cover contraception as well. Virginia and South Carolina cover contraception while Tennessee does not. Check out a more detailed report here including HIV education information.

A 2004 report criticized the abstinence only programs nationwide for teaching a "fear based" curriculum that simply doesn't work.

However supporters of abstinence only programs strongly believe the opposite. They believe it helps teach teens how to have healthy and safe relationships. Here's a good op-ed from that view if you're interested.

The House tentatively passed the three track sex ed program on Wednesday by a 64-53 margin. A final vote is likely on Thursday. It then heads to the Senate.

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  1. Will they have a course about sex with teachers?

  2. The educators of our children leave out the issues of sin and morality out of sex education. As long as these issues are left out, there will be NO EFFECTIVE SEX EDUCATION PROGRAMS! Teens will still be "doing it" STD's will continue to spread, children will still be having children,DSS will still be paying for them, Children will still be growing up with out a father in the home, Aids will still be killing young adults, SAD Gay people will still be "doing it" sadly, And the next generation will still be patterning their sex life after their parents-

  3. The above CLEARLY explains most of the reasons WHY! God condemns sex outside of marriage-Period!
    Sex out side of marriage leads to material poverty, physical poverty, mental/emotional poverty, and poverty of the soul and spirit of an individual, a city, or a nation!
    I agree, until the subject of sin and immorality is taught in sex education, any money for funding is just futilly blowing in the wind!

  4. I understand that the Healthy? Choice sex education program will present homosexuality life styles in the same way that normal and abnormal male/female sexuality is presented. It will assault our childrens eyes and mind with detailed information to be assimilated through raging hormones, with out any condemnation or judgement what so ever as to whether their choice is sanctioned by God, or decent society.