Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes, I wear pants

So, last night a group of Boy Scouts and their parents came through our newsroom for a tour. The kids were literally suprised I was wearing pants. Now, before you get lost in your mind with jokes and silly scenarios, they were talking about a funny longstanding joke about TV news anchors.

Throughout the years the big joke was that anchors wore a shirt, tie, and coat but had shorts and flip flops instead of pants. The truth is I have worn that outfit in the past. It is comfortable when it's hot out. However, newsrooms are much more open to the public and have a much more business-like atmosphere in recent years.

Our station management likes to open our newsrooms up for tours and we do interviews all the time in studio. That means we have a dress policy that requires business attire except on Fridays when jeans are allowed.

So, if you were ever wondering (kinda strange to think about! ha ha)...I do wear a full suit and I'm not wearing some pair of funny shorts while anchoring the news.

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