Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Carolina Duke for the title!

Man oh man it doesn't get any better than this. Two titans in college basketball, the tobacco road rivalry, 8 mile separation, whatever else you want to call it-nothing is better than a UNC-Duke regular season finale with the ACC title on the line.

It's my belief Carolina is playing for a #1 NCAA seed as well with a win which puts even more on this game. These games are great anyway but it's always notched up a level when a title is on the line.

In other news, it appears the state's first CEO of education will be sworn in on the board of education tomorrow. It should also be the start of a battle over who controls education and what in the world does it mean for State Superintendent June Atkinson.

Tomorrow I hope to add another video entry to the blog with a "backlot" tour and show you how we do live shots in the field.

Should be fun.

And how about 70's this weekend. IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!

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