Tuesday, March 3, 2009

State of the State

The House has approved its invitation for Gov. Perdue to address lawmakers Monday night at 7pm. We will have full coverage of the entire event before, during, and after. In fact, I believe we will air her State of the State in its entirety. Then a full breakdown on Political Connections.

I'm hearing her budget proposal likely won't come out until the following week. It seems likely her state of the state will not be pretty. The state is we are facing a huge deficit that's growing every day.

What are her plans to fix it and will she say what you want or need to hear from her?

Let me know what you think she should or needs to say. What's important for her to say or does it even matter?

I'm interviewing a couple of pundits from both sides of the political aisle on the subject in the coming days as well so let me know you're questions for them.

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