Monday, March 16, 2009

Governor Perdue's budget

And so the day comes that Governor Perdue is probably dreading. Tuesday morning (11:30am to be exact), Gov. Perdue will hold a news conference announcing her budget proposal.

She has said all along it's not going to be pretty, and I have to imagine she's not kidding. By all accounts, the state is facing a huge budget shortfall.

In the past week, Gov. Perdue has unveiled bits of her budget. Today she promised to increase funding for education by 2.5%. Last week she talked about new programs to help bring jobs and stimulate the economy. Those programs also cost money. So, we've got a good preview of how she plans to spend money but no inkling of how she will cut it.

This new spending means some very bad news for other areas. It will likely lead to agency heads, department heads, and state employees having a very restless night of sleep tonight.

Rumors have spread to a 10-15% cut in many departments and layoffs as well. The big question is how much and which programs might get cut altogether.

Governor Perdue has said several times in the past week that she's enjoying these moments because many people will not be happy with her after tomorrow. The fact is the budget issues are so deep, no matter what decisions she made she would face criticism.

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And can we get some warm sunny weather in here!!!!!!!!!!

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