Friday, March 27, 2009

Dana Cope on PC

Hey everyone!

I know the focus is on UNC and it's big game tonight. Go Heels!

But if you're looking for some pre-game viewing check out Political Connections on News 14 Carolina tonight at 6 and again on Sunday at 11am.

My guests are Dana Cope from the State Employee Association and Mary Gowan from Elon's Business School. We talk about furloughs and layoffs.

Notice how we hardly ever heard of the word furloughs before this year? What's the story behind it and what do you need to know. Plus are furloughs the right answer for state government?

Mr. Cope has some strong feelings on the issue. The interview was taped before layoffs were announced by UNC but he talks candidly about the issue.

Check it out! Next week we take the show on the road to President Obama's health care forum in our state!

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